About Us

MUG MUG is a Berlin-based creative agency capitalizing creative work.
We specialize in creative concepts, specializing in cultural funding, booking, PR, event organization and artist management.
It serves as an interface between clubs, organisers, galleries and interested individuals burning to work creatively, and works as a hub for DJs, VJs, painters, designers, music journalists, photographers, mag publishers, party organizers and fashion designers alike.
Born out of the really strong desire to represent people, arts and expressions, MUG MUG helps to promote-enhance-musicalize-design-paint-visualize your art, event or surroundings while our artists help to create logos, score music, art work, flyer art, backdrops and outfits.
Skills, experience and projects flow together as MUGMUG, simply manifesting in utter expression. The first step from the unknown to the artist.